The Department of Political Science, Global Studies, Environmental Science & Policy prepares students to be active citizens of the world, fully engaged in environmental, social and political issues. 

The Department of Political Science, Global Studies, Environmental Science & Policy at ϲʿ’s provides students with the background for careers in international affairs, public service, electoral politics, non-governmental organizations or the private sector. View the

Programs within this department will provide students with the opportunity to analyze policy solutions, study natural and social sciences, and experience the political culture that shapes our system and behavior. Students will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of the American political system and study how different societies and political systems deal with domestic and world issues.

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Study Abroad

Environmental Science and Policy, Global Studies and Political Science students are encouraged to pursue study abroad programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Programs run during the summer, for fall and spring semester or for an entire year.

Faculty & Staff

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Kozmetsky Center of Excellence

The Kozmetsky Center aims to enrich the intellectual life of ϲʿ's University and to serve as a resource for informing the broader public on critical global issues. The Center, under the direction of Dr. Sharyl Cross, facilitates discussions among experts, students, faculty and the broader public in a variety of forums.

Student Organizations

Eligible Political Science Majors may join Pi Sigma Alpha, the national Political Science Honors Society. This is the only honor society for college and university students of government in the United States. The number of Pi Sigma Alpha chapters on campuses across the country is rapidly approaching 700. Pi Sigma Alpha is also a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.

The DLC helps to establish a network of communication and encourage collaboration between BSS organizations.

Eco-Lead Costa Rica (Eco-Lead)

Eco-Lead Costa Rica is designed with ϲʿ's University's commitment to developing a deep global understanding in undergraduate students in mind. Led by faculty from Behavioral & Social Sciences and members of the Student Life staff, this program highlights leadership issues at an international level, with a particular focus on environmentalism.


ENSP majors will work closely with faculty members to gain research skills and experience both in the laboratory and at our Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve. Funding is available through the Hook Fellowship for students interested in conducting field research at Wild Basin and other properties in the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Students can also apply for the BSS Research Award to obtain funding to present their research at academic conferences. This research experience has been influential in enabling graduates to acquire positions with employers and graduate schools.  

Model United Nations and Model Organization of American States

Students may participate in Model United Nations and Model Organization of American States for academic credit.


A select number of students may participate in the Student Conference on National Affairs (SCONA) at Texas A&M University participating in multi-day policy-making simulations.

Graduate School Placements

Among the institutions in which ϲʿ’s Global Studies majors have enrolled for graduate or legal studies have been Georgetown University, George Washington University, Cornell University, the University of Chicago, the University of Texas at Austin, Columbia University, American University, and Rutgers University.

Catch up with Recent Graduates

Camila Rojas' 19, an Environmental Science and Policy alumna, recently had her research published about tourism management, Protected area entry fee and governance quality, which resulted from her study abroad experience in Panama. Camila is currently working at a research station in Costa Rica and partnering with local non-profit organizations. To find out more about her research and career path, Office of Sustainability Digital Media Intern Lorna Probasco '20 caught up with Camila. Read the full article.