Proof of Student Enrollment

Enrollment verification proves to third parties that you are or were enrolled as a student at ϲʿ’s University. You may need to prove your enrollment status to employers, lendors for loan deferralsor other third parties requiring educational verification.

Student Requests

Students may request verification of enrollment in person, by mailand/or email. If you have questions regarding the completion of the ,contact our office by phone at 512-448-8747 or email at Enrollment/Degree Verifications are processed within two business days upon receipt of completed request. Official verifications cannot be processed before the official headcount day of the requested term.

Request In-Person: Our office is located atMain Building, Room 221. Request forms are available at the counter, or you can print the and bring it to our office for processing. If you have a third-party request form, please bring it with you.

Request by Mail or Email: Print, completeand sign the . If you have a third-party request form, please attach it to your request.

  • Mailing Address: Office of the Registrar, 3001 S. Congress Ave., Box 27, Austin, Texas 78704
  • Email:

Third Party Requestors

If you are an employer, background screening firm, or other third party requesting degree and enrollment verification, please contact our authorized agent, The . To assist you in locating us on their website, our ID number is 003621, and we are listed as "ST EDWARDS UNIVERSITY."

Academic Load

Academic Load - Undergraduate

A student carrying a minimum of 12 hours in a long semester (fall or spring) shall be considered a full-time student. A course load of 19 or more hours, all at ϲʿ’s or taken concurrently at ϲʿ’s and another institution, requires the approval of the appropriate school dean. In summer terms the following limits apply: Summer I, six hours; Summer II, six hours; Summer 12-Week, 12 hours. A student should be registered for no more than 12 concurrent hours at any time during the summer and a total of no more than 15 hours for the entire summer. A course load that exceeds any of these limits requires approval of the dean of the student’s school. With very few exceptions, international students with F-1 and J-1 status must be enrolled in a full course load to maintain their status. Please contact the International Student Services Office with questions regarding international student course loads.

Undergraduate Academic Load Chart

Full Time 12 or more credit hours
Three Quarter Time 9 - 11.99 credit hours
Half Time 6 - 8.99 credit hours
Less Than Half Time 1 - 5.99 credit hours

Academic Load - Graduate

Students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours are considered fulltime; students enrolled in 6.0-8.9 credit hours are considered three-quarter time, students enrolled in 4.5-5.9 credit hours are considered half-time, and students enrolled in fewer than 4.5 credit hours are considered less-than-half-time. International students on F-1 and J-1 visas must be enrolled in a full course load of 9 hours each session

Graduate Academic Load Chart

Full Time 9 or more credit hours
Three Quarter Time 6 - 8.99 credit hours
Half Time 4.5 - 5.99 credit hours
Less Than Half Time 1 - 4.49 credit hours