Get Involved on the Hilltop

Welcome to the Hilltop!Plenty is happening on-campus and online to keep you entertained and engaged with our ϲʿ's community!

Check this page,, andthe for updates and more details on these programs. Please make sure you follow offices such as , Belonging & Inclusive Exellence, and on Instagram for more programs.

On Campus Programs

Join us for some of ourfavorite programs, such as University Programming BoardEvents, Fitness Classes, and Peer Wellness sessions, that all connect to the Live Well SEU initiative.

Fitness Classes

Join us for Blue and Gold Days, Coffee Shop Nights, and Topper Nights. We are big on collaborating with departments and organizations to make a successful event.You will be able to enjoy these events. All you need is to have your Event Pass to attend any UPB event.

Stop by the RAC Fitness Center, join a GroupX class, or sign up for Personal Training. The Peer Wellness Champions are undergraduate students just like you trained in helping their peers plan and achieve wellness goals through accountability and support.

All programs are added to . Please make sure to sign up for an account toview events and download the to help you navigate and find all the events from Collegiate Link without using a web browser.

Watch and Learn

We are using virtual tools in addition to our on-campus offerings to stay connected with each other. Getting involved can help you meet new people, find a community, discover new interests and skills, and much more!

LinkedIn Learning
We will venture across campus to see newly designed spaces. Learn how to access those services. Throughout the year, we will bring prominent leaders designed to educate, enlighten, and inspire. Log on to myHilltop and pick up a new skill via LinkedIn Learning.

Join your peers and stay connected! Find more programs on

Stay Engaged

We want you to stay engaged with your favorite programs. Nominate your peers for awards, celebrate accomplishments, or unwind from the semester.

Open Town Halls !
Student Government Associationhas not stopped working for the students, and senate meetings occur each week! Log on and have your voice heard as members of the University's administration take questions from you! Visit the Recreation and Wellness on MyHilltop to learn how to stay active online and on-campus!

Find more events such as these on !

Other Resources

Learn where to go to supportyourneeds. Check on the following information for virtual and in-person offerings.

Health and Counseling Information Technology Dean of Students Academic Support Services

Stay committed to your health and wellness; check out the services offered

Learn how to use all of the new software to help keep you virtual. We support you! If you need support, please visit the Dean of Students Office. Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, we have a robust support system to help.

Make sure to stay up to date on COVID-19 and other university resources. Please check our for additional help.

Live Well SEU Resource Guide

Involvement 101

Where do I start?

I am a parent or family member looking for ways to help my student get involved on campus. I am a new student looking to get involved on campus. I am a transfer student looking for ways to get involved on campus. Does this sound like you? We understand, and we are here for you.

This year is different for academics and student involvement on campus, and our department and student organizations are working hard to provide opportunities for every student. There are many ways to get connected and find opportunities to get involved on the Hilltop. Here are a few things that we encourage you to check out:

  • Please take our . Our Student Involvement Coordinator will match you with some involvement opportunities that we think you will enjoy based on your interests.
  • Check out our to find a student organization you would like to get involved with. Please check back periodically as new organizations are created throughout the year.
  • Visit the Office of Student Involvement in Ragsdale 304 to hang out in our lounge, study, meet a new friend or play a game. Also, follow our for opportunities to get connected through other programs and events.
  • If you are currently living on campus, we encourage you to connect with your RA. They will connect you with opportunities on your floor and within your communities.
  • Check out the latest . When walking around campus, check out the blackboard located right outside many residence halls for the most upcoming event. You can also find the University Programming Calendar listed in your residence hall on a wall.
  • Get an on-campus job. Check out MyHilltop and search for Hilltop Careers (Handshake). There are so many great places to work on campus, and the best part is a super easy commute.


We would love to hear more about any ideas you make have for programs. Please send your ideas to us

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