Enjoy the Multidisciplinary Benefits of a Dual Degree.

Earn two degrees in five years: a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from ϲʿ’s University and a Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) from UTMB.

In the first three years at ϲʿ’s, students will complete the general education curriculum, and most courses for the undergraduate major, and prerequisite courses for the CLS major. Students then apply for admission to the MS in CLS at UTMB and, if successful, complete the coursework for both degrees during the following two years. SEU students with a grade of B or higher in all prerequisite classes will automatically be accepted to the MS program.  After successful completion of the fourth year of study, UTMB classes will be transferred to SEU and the student will earn a BA in biology.  After successful completion of the fifth year of study, students will earn an MS in CLS from UTMB.