Student Financial Services wants to ensure you have a money management strategy in place. Understanding your personal finances will not only help you today but in the future. Together with LinkedIn Learning we offer a comprehensive financial education series.

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  • . View this 77-minute online course through LinkedIn Learning.
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  • . View this 68-minute online course through LinkedIn Learning.
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ϲʿ's Career & Professional Development 

  • Clifton Strengths is an assessment designed to give students insight into their natural talents. Please contact to learn how you can get access to your own assessment. After you complete your assessment, you can schedule a with a Career Coach in the Office of Career and Professional Development (CAPD) to review your results and brainstorm ways you can build on your natural abilities as a student and future professional.

  • // - Big Interview is an interviewing software tool that allows students to practice various general, behavioral, and technical questions  in a mock interview setting. Students have the ability to record the interview and receive feedback. If you want feedback, please with your Career Coach.

On-Demand Recordings

  •  What is a budget and why do you need one? And where do you even start, when planning a budget? This presentation provides an overview of the benefits and tips to creating and following a budget, using credit wisely and saving for the future.

  •  provides important information and practical tips to help students and families navigate the student loan process from borrowing to repayment.

  • abril de 2024 - How To Submit a 2024–25 FAFSA® Form in Spanish