The Department of Philosophy faculty at ┴¨║¤▓╩┐ÔÔÇÖs University┬áhelp┬áprepare students to become innovative and┬álogical thinkers with a wide range of marketable skills ÔÇö from rational analysis and analytical thinking to critical inquiry and logical problem solving.

Through the in-depth study of lifeÔÇÖs fundamental questions, students taking┬ácourses┬áin the Department of Philosophy┬áwill grow as individuals while preparing for┬ámany┬áprofessional fields. Our majors┬áexamine┬á, such as logic, epistemology, political theory and religion. They┬ámay also┬áexplore ethics and debate moral dilemmas in medicine, business, the environment, public policy and law.

Graduates from our department often continue their education with graduate degrees in philosophy, law or medicine.

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Two Things the Majors Need!

Your and how to get in touch with your instructor (see below).

And for more information, you can always contact Dr. Jack Musselman in Holy Cross Hall 414 or our Department Chair, Dr. Mark Cherry, in Holy Cross Hall 417.

Still want to learn more about truth and justice, right and wrong?

Talk to Dr. Peter A. Wake in Holy Cross Hall 418.

Why Study Philosophy?

Study to , to get a ,╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň a┬á, and .

The importance of philosophy today: , by Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times

John Cleese:  

Philosophy's role in shaping leaders: , by David Brendel, The Harvard Business Review

How philosophy helps in business: , by Carolyn Gregoire, The Huffington Post

Even a magazine devoted to people studying psychology for getting great jobs!

And don't just take it from professors on campus! spells out all the reasons to become a lover of wisdom right now!

Even the  thinks philosophy majors are well worth it!

And here's a to hang on your wall--unless you'd rather just .

Skeptical about all these claims? Excellent! You're ready to be a philosophy major! And don't trust us just because we said all this. Ask ┴¨║¤▓╩┐Ô's Psychology professor Alan Swinkels, English professor (and lawyer) ,┬áFrench professor (and Department Chair) Philippe Seminet,┬áUniversity Studies professor Cory Lock, and Associate Vice President of Admission┬áTracy Manier if their┬áB.A. degrees┬áin philosophy prepared them for life and work. They're bound to tell you it really helped them prepare for careers and more.

And your Philosophy Department is the┬á┤ă▓ď▒˘▓Ô╠řone on campus where each and every faculty member won the university's Distinguished Teaching Award: viz.,┬áMark Cherry in 2003, Peter Wake in 2010, and Jack Musselman in 2018.


The four career counselors in the Career and Professional Development office (Moody Hall 134, phone 512-448-8530) can help you find an internship that works for you! Your skills as a philosophy major--i.e. critical and analytical reasoning to provide┬áclear and compelling┬áarguments--are in demand by non-profits, for-profits and government employers. So, go to Moody Hall 134╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň talk to a career counselor to┬áget an internship. After that, go┬átalk to your philosophy faculty about how that internship can become a philosophy course under their supervision.

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Juniors and seniors majoring in either Philosophy or┬áReligious and Theological┬áStudies┬ámay receive┬áthe Lillian Cervenka Scholarship and Arthur Kinsella Scholarship. These two departments alternate every other year┬ágiving this scholarship╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň recipients are┬áselected by the faculty in Philosophy or the faculty in Religious and Theological Studies.┬áRecipients are announced at ┴¨║¤▓╩┐Ô's University Honors Night.

Online Resources (including how to transfer from ACC to get a B.A. in Philosophy at ┴¨║¤▓╩┐Ô's)

: take ╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň then┬á.

ÔÇő:┬áthe main U.S. organization for philosophers

: a Facebook page of articles, news, editorials and cartoons

: a magazine of ideas

: professional philosophers share interesting articles

Alumni Graduate Studies and Professional Careers

Two alumni have been┬á scholars and many others have been admitted to graduate studies at┬áAmerican University, Baylor University,┬áBoston College, Brandeis University,┬áDePaul University,┬á├ëcole┬ádes Hautes ├ëtudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS, Paris), ├ëcole Normale Sup├ęrieure (ENS, Paris),┬áEmory University, Harvard University, the University of Houston,┬áthe University of Kansas, Louisiana State University,┬áLoyola Marymount University, the University of Missouri, Loyola University, the New School for┬áSocial Research, University of Northern Colorado, the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po, Paris), University of Pennsylvania, Purdue University,┬áStanford University, St. Mary's University, the University of Texas, Texas State┬áUniversity, Texas Tech University,┬áTexas Women's University, University of the Arts (Berlin), Williams College╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň William and Mary.

Our alumni work as and police officers and philosophy┬á╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň , as ╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň and ╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň , as employees for┬á╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň and as┬á K-12 and social workers and as USDA Forest Service firefighters,╠ř▓╣▓ď╗ň one of our alumni┬áis┬áthe┬á ż▒▓ď╠ř▒ź│┘▓╣│ˇ.╠ř

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Associate Professor of Philosophy Jack Musselman explores the political, ethical and moral trade-offs of living greener in the 21st century in this overview of his Environmental Ethics course.