Empower your creativity and visualize your dreams with a majorin Animation.

Major Roadmap

Explore your options — classes, internships, research and study abroad. Utilize the  to find what interests you, discover what you love, and create a major experience that jumpstarts your future. 

Your study of Animation at ϲʿ’s will start with a solid foundation in drawing, script writing, and sequential art, then progress to visual design, storyboardingand sound design. You can then connect your new skills and build your portfolio by producing your very own animated films.

Located in the Department of Visual Studies within the School of Arts and Humanities, Animation curriculum will expose you to a wide range of techniques, all aimed at helping you to express your ideas within a liberal arts context. You will create projects which reflect the skills critical to success in this growing field, including traditional hand-drawn or vector-art animation, stop-motion animation, kinestasis, rotoscoping and motion capture, motion graphics, computer-rendered three-dimensional animation, visual effects animation, and compositinganimated elements over live-action video.

Our graduates are prepared to work in a wide range of roles and disciplines in the technology, game development, commercial art, and filmed entertainment industries.

Central Texas is one of the fastest-growing regions for film, video games, and a host of growing tech industries. Employers such asRooster Teeth Productions and Powerhouse Animation Studio have helped to established Austinas a leading hub of animation jobs in the country.Animation faculty work closely with the office of Career andProfessional Development to identify jobs and internship opportunities to help you learn from the best.

The Classroom and Beyond

Because the ϲʿ’s Animation major is a small, personalized program, you’ll get plenty of hands-on training with multiple types of equipment, and you’ll learn from professionals in the industry who visit campus. Austin is an animation hotspot, and you’ll have opportunities to intern with local studios and get involved in the South by Southwest Conference and Festivals, the Austin Film Festival and RTX, Rooster Teeth’s marquee animation, gaming and entertainment event.

Experiential Education

The hallmark of the ϲʿ’s Animation program is practical, active learning in a personal environment. Your animation classroom has workstations with flexible Cintiq pen displays and stop-motion cameras. Plus, you’ll be able to book creative work time in specialized studios with tabletop stations and lighting for traditional 2D animation and 3D stop-motion animation.

  • In Foundations in Animation, you’ll learn a range of techniques that will empower you to create short animation projects including stop motion, traditional hand-drawn, and even sand animation.
  • In Animation Production, you’ll pull from all your animation experiences and spend the entire semester planning, writing, designing, recording, and creating the audio for your own short animated film.

You’ll also have the chance to learn from – and network with – guest speakers from the industry. Past guests have included voice talent and producer from Rooster Teeth, a writer who has worked on various animated shows and for DC Comics, and the voice director for multiple Triple-A video games.

Student Organizations

The Asian Pop Culture Club is your home for discussions of all things anime, K-pop, and other aspects of Asian pop culture.

Are you an editorial cartoonist? Submit your work to Hilltop Views, the weekly student newspaper, which covers news from the campus and greater Austin community.

B. Hooved is the student humor journal, inspired by our Hilltopper goat mascot.

Command G is the graphic design club. Members visit local museums and design studios, host critique nights, and create their own designs in button-making, screen-printing and risograph workshops.

The ϲʿ’s Maker Club attracts tinkerers and programmers who have worked on projects involving 3-D printing, soldering, programming LED strips, and creating art through programming.

Topper Studios is the digital media club. Members are involved in creating podcasts, YouTube channels, short films, music videos and comedy sketches, and helping their fellow students produce digital content. Students in Topper Studios also frequently make promotional videos for other clubs at ϲʿ’s.

The Digital Media Center in the Munday Library is a resource for creating your own content and learning new skills. Here you can produce and edit videos, podcasts and visual design projects with the help of your fellow students. The lab is equipped with top-of-the-line computers running the latest software including the Adobe Creative Suite. It also has a group editing/podcasting room, a green screen room and a “whisper room” used for voiceovers. If you are skilled at software, hardware repair, graphic design or video editing, you can apply to work in the lab as a digital media specialist.

For more information about the Animation minor:

Contact Robert Denton Bryant, director of Video Game Development and Animation