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Inclusive Leaders Program
The Inclusive Leaders Program is a pilot leadership development program from the Office of Student Belonging and Inclusive Excellence. The program is targeted toward first-years, sophomores, and juniors who are interested in leveling-up their leadership with an inclusive lens. The program will invite guest speakers from campus, the Austin community, and alumni to cover important aspects of what it means to be a leader that helps inspire a sense of belonging. Program participants will gain practical skills, including conflict management, leading with integrity, and how to be an agent of positive social change.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be invited to share their lessons learned and will receive a certificate of completion. The pilot cohort will be limited to 15 students, so applicants are encouraged to thoughtfully answer the questions below and to ensure that they are able to attend the meeting dates. All sessions will take place on-campus. 

. Applications are due on Sunday, February 11th at 11:59PM. Questions? Email

Latinx Graduation Celebration 2022
The Multicultural Leadershup Board marches in the Austin MLK Celebration
Black students at ϲʿ's gather for a photo during the university's Black Graduation celebration

Student Leadership Development for a More Just World
The office hosts multiple opportunities for student leadership development through service to SEU and Austin, as well as, paid and unpaid employment and internships. Student leadership, a form of experiential learning, intentionally broadens students’ world views and prepares them to live a meaningful life and work in diverse settings with people from different backgrounds and experiences. It is important to us that we provide students with customized challenge and support, meeting them where they are and encouraging them to become more self aware, forming a conscious mind and heart, committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Student Leadership Roles
A student leader position serves as “Chair of Student Belonging” and oversees the direction of our student-led initiatives. This position helps helps to ensure the many opportunities for student leadership development and experiential learning remain student-centric and are created by students, for students. A different student leader position serves as “Chair of Inclusive Excellence” and oversees the promotion and coordination of programs. Student leadership development, as well as peer-to-peer education and mentoring and supervision are critical methods of successful student engagement and experiential learning and requires students are “at the table” in order to inform and sustain the complex work we do.

Student office staff support the mission and purpose of the Office of Student Belonging and Inclusive Excellence by helping professional staff deliver a welcoming environment for all students visiting the office and keeping us organized! Check and see if we’re hiring right now through Hilltop Careers.

Student Organizations
Sponsored student organization executive board leaders are provided with mentoring and training that prepares them to lead their student organizations and offers transferable skills for the workplace post graduation. You can learn more about those specific organizations and their events in CollegiateLink.