Meet the demands of your coursework, successfully.

Your path to graduation will include hard work, enriching experiences and academic challenges that test and inspire you. To help you stay on top of your studies, ϲʿ’s offers a range of support — fromtutoring on class concepts to methods for organizing priorities and managing your time.

Your personalsuccess coachis your primary support for navigating your college career. They’ll connect you to all of the resources, opportunities and people that help you realize your goals, including the following support services for being successful in your classes.

Class outside

How College Classes Differ from High School Classes

When it comes to college classes, it's all on you.See one senior student’s adviceon how to best prepare so that you can succeed in your college classes.

Success Coaches

How to Contact Your Success Coach

Our team of success coaches are committed to helping every student benefit from all ϲʿ’s offers. They welcome hearing from you. You cancontact your success coachby phone or email, or schedule a face-to-face meeting.