Want a great job in a creative field? The ϲʿ’s Bachelor of Arts in Digital Storytelling and Content Creation prepares you to shape, design and produce compelling interactive stories in demand by employersacross sectors — and it's fun.

Major Roadmap

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The Digital Storytelling and Content Creation major sits at the intersection of content creation, technology and innovation. Professionals in this field conceive, plan and produce projects in diverse digital media platforms using cutting-edge techniques and skills. By blending interactivity, story structure and visual expression, students in this major explore the opportunities and challenges raised bytransmedia approaches to content design and creation.

As a graduate of Digital Storytelling and Content Creation, you’ll gain expertise in conceiving, planning and producing digital stories for an array of audiences, purposes and employers. And you’ll acquire the cutting-edge skills and the deep understanding needed to deploy digital interactive content in a wide range of workplaces, from media startups, arts organizations, and nonprofits to corporate public relations and marketing teams.

This 30-hour degree brings together knowledge and methods from different academic disciplines, preparing you for the highly collaborative teamwork required in today’s workplaces. Embedded in this degree is an embrace of diversity, equity and inclusion as central to producing content that helps inform and empower diverse communities.

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Who are ideal candidates for this degree?

The degree is open to all students and targeted to transfers for two-year completion. Digital Storytelling and Content Creation courses are taught in the classroom and some courses are taughtonline to allow for maximum schedule flexibility.ϲʿ's accepts AAS degree courses in Visual Design, Graphic Media Production and Film and Emerging Media specializations for elective credit towards the DSCC degree.Worried about cost? ϲʿ's offers transfers an average award of $29,066. Check out this financial aid and scholarship information for transfers and part-time students and connect with a financial counselor to learn how we can help.

For questions about the program, contact Program DirectorJena Heath, Professor of Journalism and Digital Media, and Associate Dean, School of Arts and Humanities.The Digital Storytelling and Content Creation major is an interdisciplinary program housed in theDepartment of Visual Studies.

The Classroom and Beyond

  • Student Organizations and campus dzܰ:Get involved with student organizations that give you the opportunity to apply your storytelling and content development skills in a cross section of digital mediums.

  • Hilltop Views, the student news site, published both digitally and in print. Student journalists report news from the campus and greater Austin community. You can get involved as early as your freshman year as a writer, editor, photographer, videographer or designer.

  • The Command G graphic design group furthers skills through studio tours, museum visits, lecture series, workshops, screen printing and risograph workshops.

  • Topper Radio is the student-run radio station.

  • Topper Studios is the digital media club. Members are involved in creating podcasts, YouTube channels, short films, music videos and comedy sketches, and helping their fellow students produce digital content. Students in Topper Studios also frequently make promotional videos for other clubs at ϲʿ’s.

  • The Digital Media Center in the Munday Library is a resource for creating your own content and learning new skills. Here, you can produce and edit videos, podcasts and visual design projects with the help of your fellow students. The lab is equipped with top-of-the-line computers running the latest software including the Adobe Creative Suite. It also has a group editing/podcasting studio, a green screen room and a “whisper room” used for voiceovers. If you are skilled at software, hardware repair, graphic design or video editing, you can apply to work in the lab as a digital media specialist.

Degree Requirements

The Digital Storytelling and Content Creation program is open to all students.

Because of its nimble design, traditional undergraduates can easily major in Digital Storytelling and Content Creation with a double-major, minor or double-minor in a related or complementary field such as Animation, Communication, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Digital Media Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, User Experience Design, Video Game Development, or Writing and Rhetoric.

Transfer students who enter with an associate's degree will be able to graduate in two years. If you’ve taken the Texas Common Core, you’ll be able to finish in three. Some courses within the program are offered online to allow you greater flexibility in how you balance academic, work and family responsibilities.

Major Requirements:Digital Storytelling and Content Creation requires 30 hours of major coursework.

General Education Requirements: All majors require 44 hours of general education that students complete over the course of four years, in addition to their major courses.

View and download the full degree plan for the (PDF). View the for Digital Storytelling and Content Creation.

Our Faculty

Program Director: Jena Heath, Professor of Journalism and Digital Media and Associate Dean, School of Arts and Humanities. Courses are taught by faculty in Visual Studies, Journalism & Digital Media, and Writing and Rhetoric, in addition to working professionals. For more information about the program, contact Professor Heath: jennah@stedwards.edu


You’ll work with your faculty mentors to connect with internships at an array of workplaces. Tech start-ups, large companies, newsrooms and PR/Marketing firms, non-profits and the Austin Film Festival all seek qualified digital storytellers and content creators.

Digital Storytelling and Content Creation Minor

Any student at ϲʿ's may minor in Digital Storytelling and Content Creation. The minor provides a broad-based introduction to the discipline of digital storytelling as well as an opportunity for students to explore — in more depth — a specific concentration.

Students who wish to earn a Digital Storytelling and Content Creation minor must take the following required coursework, totaling 18 hours, plus one 3-hour elective course.

Required Courses: (15 required hours + 1 elective = 18 hours)

  • DSCC 1301 Introduction to Digital Storytelling and Content Creation
  • VISU 1311 Visual Studies 1
  • JOUR 3314 Digital Media Production and Design
  • VGAM 3328 Interactive Storytelling
  • DSCC 4331 Collaboration in the Digital Workplace